Classic raw chairs

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Top 10 is a line of chairs designed and built by Veneta Sedie. Is a curated selection of leading products, chosen for their marketability: design, quality and availability at a great cost/quantity relationship.
The raw processing of each of these chairs has a continuous production cycle characterized by constant improvement, supported by modern production technology and continuous implementation of design improvements.

A real marriage: modern technology and craftsmanship. A product made with attention to every detail but quickly and in large quantities available .

The Top10 raw chairs line was, in fact, created primarily to meet customer needs on two important aspects:
offering a product that is already tested on the market and marketable
being able to optimize costs and delivery times

Raw chairs: technology and craftsmanship

The production of raw chairs takes place with passion, determination and attention on details: each phase is accompanied by the best technological innovations but is also contaminated by the contribution of craftsmanship that guides every choice of product and process.
From prototyping, to 3D design, to the chair ready to be polished and upholster, the best resources are available to get the best product for the customer who always match the best user experience of the final customer.
Control of all phases and output is done with dedication and attention of experts who carry on the tradition and the culture of "know-how".

Raw chairs: Top 10

The dual requirement of providing to the clients a product tested on the market, optimizing the time and rationalizing costs led us to make this strategic choice, to create the Top 10 line.
Ten models of chairs, whose production is always active and the availability of which is very well managed thanks to the strength of our stores.
For each model are available both versions: chair and armchair.
A perfect combination of high quality and flexible price for a raw chair perfectly in line with market demands.

Raw chairs: why choose the top 10

  • Excellent standard technical specifications
  • Use of corner blocks with anchor bolts, front and back
  • Use of semi-curved
  • Use of high-strength minizinkler joints
  • Use of an exclusively dried timber raw material

All this allows:

  • Rapidity in the yield, even in large quantities
  • High strength, also CATAS certified
  • Possibility to use standard product for light colors
  • High rate of joined elements solidity

To find out in detail the Top 10, all models, measures and more technical details please browse the online catalog from the following link